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CT Scanning in the Greenside Flock in 2014

Computed Tomography (CT) Scanning is a near perfect method of assessing carcase traits in live animals. The use of CT scanning has allowed enhanced utilisation of on-farm ultrasound scanning (back scanning) measurements, by observing correlations between on farm measurements and highly accurate CT measurements. Due to the high level of technical sophistication involved, it is not economically or logistically feasible to scan all potential breeding animals. Nevertheless, identification of superior animals using widespread ultrasound scanning allows nomination of the best animals within a flock for CT scanning and therefore allows analysis of extremely detailed data on carcase traits of these individuals.

CT results: Greenside flock

Analysis of CT images produces useful raw data. Three data categories are formulated: carcase tissue weights, carcase quality measures and carcase muscle distribution.

Data is shown for these three categories from two Bleu du Maine ram lambs (A &B).


Table 1 shows data produced on carcase tissue weights.
This shows the total live weight of the animal scanned, combined with the values for weights of fat, muscle and bone in the carcase.

The figures show that lamb A is much heavier than lamb B with correspondingly greater weights of fat, muscle and bone within the carcase.


Table 2 shows CT information on carcase quality measurements.

Carcase ratios are shown – muscle to bone (M:B) and muscle to fat (M:F). Carcase composition (fat, muscle and bone) is also shown in percentage values. Although lamb A is the heavier of the two, lamb B has the higher percentage muscle and lower carcase fat.

Gigot shape measurements have been taken from both animals, with lamb A being superior in this trait. The differences between the lambs regarding gigot shape can be seen in the images.


Table 3 shows the distribution of muscling within the carcase. 

Variation between the animals A and B is minimal.

Bleu du Maine Genetic Trends 2014

Muscle depth and fat depth

The graph shows genetic gains in carcase traits in the recorded Bleu du Maine population through the Blue Sires breeding group.
The staggering progress with regards to muscle depth across the loin is accredited to the use of ultrasound scanning (back scanning). 
CT scanning could be utilised in this manner to further enhance carcase traits in the Bleu du Maine breed, allowing for targeted breeding, such as that observed in muscle depth EBVs over the last fifteen years.

CT scanning holds great potential for genetic improvement in carcase traits in all sheep breeds. The degree of accuracy obtained from the measurements make the results produced extremely reliable and allow better informed breeding decisions than ever before.

Stock ram: Calla Jumping Jack WBC.11046 Reserve Male Champion Royal Highland Show 2011, 2013