Julie Bury (JUB)
Laine Daff (BLG)
Robin Johnson - Chairman (AP) - (flock visit info)
Stan Kilby (AST)
Janet Richardson - Secretary (JER)
Johnny Stables - (YY)

Whinholme Farm visit 16th October 2017

There was a fantastic display of lambs at Low Whinholme farm organised by the owner Robin Johnson.

Robin, Johnny Stables and Stuart Goldie supplied the lambs. There were 7 pens of 4 gimmer (ewe) lambs by different rams. These were judged in their pens and then released into a small ring. Everyone was allowed presentation time to give their reasons on placing their top 3 choices.

All the lambs showed off their wonderful breed characteristics with only a minimal tidy up of face, belly and legs allowed.

By a large majority decision, 4 gimmer lambs sired by Rumwell Maestro and owned by Johnny were given 32/36 points; followed in 2nd place by a pen of Perdi sired lambs bred by Stuart, 22/36 and in 3rd place another pen of Maestro lambs by Robin, 14/36 points.

The day’s overall champion gimmer lamb was selected from 4 lambs chosen by their owners.

  • In 1st position was Whinholme Precious AP17.1049 with 18/24 points bred by Robin.
  • 2nd position was a lamb from the Dunelm flock (Johnny) with 12/24points.
  • 3rd  joint position with 6/24 points were Perdi (Stuart) and Rumwell Jonas (Robin) lambs.

Finally 5 ram lambs were judged and allocated a position based on breed character, handling and conformation.

Released into the ring, a Maestro sired ram lamb from Robin was first, closely followed by a Burford Junta lamb.