Julie Bury (JUB)
Laine Daff (BLG)
Robin Johnson - Chairman (AP) - (flock visit info)
Stan Kilby (AST)
Janet Richardson - Secretary (JER)
Johnny Stables - (YY)

AHDB Ram Compare Programme 2018

Two rams Burford Hercules JUB.H45 and Rumwell Open World JER16.102 have been included in Autumn 2017 in the Ram Compare 3rd breeding season as an A.I. sire (Hercules) and natural sire (Open World).

Both rams have EBVs for positive early growth to 8wks and muscling in the top 10%.
New EBVs have been produced from the early results based on data collected from the first two breeding seasons.

Combination of these new EBVs will produce an overall carcase merit figure.

These economically important traits will help commercial producers select rams with the best genetic potential to produce progeny to meet market specifications.

The Ram Compare programme is entering its 4th year and 9 commercial farms have now signed up to progeny test rams in 2018.

Burford Hercules JUB.H45

Rumwell Open World JER16.102