Julie Bury (JUB)
Laine Daff (BLG)
Robin Johnson - Chairman (AP) - (flock visit info)
Stan Kilby (AST)
Janet Richardson - Secretary (JER)
Johnny Stables - (YY)

Results from 2019 analysis

Ram Compare Results are taken from the data collected from 138 terminal Sires and over 12,000 lambs. Two Bleu du Maine rams joined the project in 2017. The publication incorporates results from 2018 born lambs with the  previous two years.

Rumwell Open World JER:160102 came out with the fifth highest Scan Weight EBV over the three year project amongst 138 rams on trial and fourth amongst leading rams for Scan Weight EBV in 2018. He was the leading ram for Fat Depth EBV ie producing the leanest lambs in 2018 and highly ranked on the new Days to Slaughter EBV for 2018. These animals have the genetic potential to achieve finished specification in a reduced number of days.

The Bleu du Maine lambs were bred out of Lleyn ewes and many of them feature in the recent AHDB/Signet publications. One lamb is on the front page of the Evaluation.

Pages which show the Bleu du Maine results are 8, 9, 12, 20.