Julie Bury (JUB)
Laine Daff (BLG)
Robin Johnson - Chairman (AP) - (flock visit info)
Stan Kilby (AST)
Janet Richardson - Secretary (JER)
Johnny Stables - (YY)

SurveysThe Lambing Survey

Members of Blue Sires were asked to keep a record of the amount of assistance needed in lambing their Bleu du Maine ewes over two seasons.

Using the chart shown in table1 the level of assistance was recorded together with the age of the ewe and the numbers of lambs born as in table2.


215 ewes were recorded

428 lambs were born producing a lambing percentage of 200%

Numbers of ewes lambing according to age: 2years – 53, 3 – 47, 4 – 28, 5+ - 37

(age was given in 165 deliveries) show that there was an even spread of age from young ewes to aged ewes.


A lambing percentage of 200% indicates the high prolificacy of the breed.
Four flocks had a lambing percentage of less than 200% but another flock recoded 224% with 21 out of the 25ewes delivering with minimal assistance. One flock keeper recorded no or minimal help needed in lambing his 22ewes. Little or no assistance was needed in 80% approx. of all lambings.

In only 2 cases (1.45%) was veterinary help sought and even in more difficult presentations of the lambs (6%) outside help was not needed.


A prolific and easily lambed ewe!
 Easy care at lambing and easy on the purse!
 Ease of lambing confers less stress on the ewe, her lambs and the shepherd.
Vigorous lambs at birth will feed well and grow fast. (see Survey Graph 1 below)

Fifteen years of recording in Blue Sires has shown that the Bleu du Maine is a prolific and easily lambed ewe producing lambs with rapid growth, high muscle and low fat.

The high scheme index of the rams selected for breeding indicates that there will be a continuous improvement in genetic merit with excellent conformation being maintained. (see Survey Graph 2 below)

Graph One

Graph Two